Organic and Nature blended together into Art Glass in my Long Beach, California studio.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I've always had a love for the outdoors. As an experienced jewelry maker, when I first saw the fusion of glass capturing the beauty of nature - I immediately fell in love with .... from Stream and River Rocks, Trees and Forests to the beautiful pink Clouds at Sunset. This is jewelry I love to wear because it feels like I have a piece of that special place with me.

Each of my pieces is individually worked from start to finish - in my kiln from 5-7 different times - at temperatures as high as 1595 degrees. I shape them, grind them, add another deeper dimension of color to the glass and fire them again. The typical piece represents from 8-10 studio hours - not including the 90 - 126 hours of kiln time.

It makes me very happy to create each of my pieces and I hope it will make you as happy to wear one.

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Kate @ BlissArtDesigns

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